Sunlight Windows Mfg. Ltd. ("Sunlight Windows") manufactures and installs stylish windows and doors to the highest standards through innovation, superior craftsmanship and a relentless commitment to client satisfaction....

  The Warranty begins on the date of purchase of the Sunlight Windows’ products and remains effective for a period of 20 years. In the case that the client sells the home, this Warranty may be transferred to a subsequent owner.

This Warranty does not apply to products not manufactured by Sunlight Windows.
This Warranty does not apply to nor cover damage to windows or doors due to:

• Misuse or abuse
• The use of a pressure washer, chemicals or solvents to clean the glass and/or  frames
• Excessive temperature or exposure to unusual heat sources including outdoor  grills
• Staining or mildew
• Glass breakage (including mysterious cracks)
• Acts of nature (e.g. fire, wind, weather etc.)
• Uses for which the windows are not designed, including but not limited to, boats,  skylights, greenhouses, vehicles, swimming pool enclosures
• The use of applied tints or films
• Improper shipping, storage or handling
• Products that have not been paid for in full